Emily Rowan danced on The Origin Crew at the young age of 11. (camo pic) Now 20, she went on to dance with other teams including Future Shock, SD Supremacy, Tha Most and is currently with 220, Em is our Advance Urban Choreo Instructor

Cierra Burdett has been teaching dance at The Origin for almost 2 years. Her classes include Jazz Funk and Lyrical Hip Hop. Ms Cierra is also amember of our HHI Bronze Medal Team OCunlimited. Other dance credits include Evolution Dance crew and Juke Box  Dance Family of Arizona.

Meet our award winning team!!!

Most of our Instructors grow here, by growing up here!

GIo Rodriquez  started at The Origin at the age of 11 Now almost  18 Gio has grown into a fierce Hip Hop dancer, specializing in Popping, Robotics and Isolations. He is the longest standing member and Captain of The  award winning Origin Crew, as well as a member of the Championship  OC3 Trio Crew, HHI Bronze Medalist for OCUnlimited nd Director of our Junior Crew Genesis, Gie graduates from OFarrel high this June and is pursuing a career in dance and music

Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop 12 and under and Tuesdays 6-7 Intermediate Teens and 7-8 Advanced Hip Hop Teens


Jian Carlo aka Jaycee Tenado has been with the Origin off and on since 2011. He was a part of The Original Origin Crew and is now a member of our  HHI Bronze Medal squad OCunlimited. His other credits  dance include Kinology and Body Poets and Brickhouse Entertainment. Jay is our Recording Studio Manager and Hip Hop Dance substitute Instructor

Veronica aka "V" Lawler is the youngest member of our staff. Veronica started dancing with the Origin Crew at the age of 7. Now 14, V is an Origin member as well as a member and Director of our Junior Crew Genesis. She has been a part of both teams championship wins! V Teaches Beginning Hip Hop for kids 10and under Saturday mornings 11am

Imelda LaChica better know as Mellow is a certified Zumba and Fitness instructor, She has her own fitness brand called Nu Fit Diva in Heels class and teaches Sexy Swag Fitness here at The Origin

Zach Petrie came to Origin at The age of 11 as a member of our Varsity team Generation F. He went on to become a world class gymnast with 10 years experience and awards. Zach  now 20 is a member of our Adult Crew OCUnlimited as well as our Tumbling Coach

Darius Frye, Co-Owner is better known as Dario B Freeze, has a dance history that runs the length of 19 years. He started as a dancer for Small Frye Dance Academy under the direction of his mother Cheryl. He began to compete at the age of 15 with the local San Diego team, AXS. From there, he began choreographing for his family's namesake team, Generation F, an affiliate of Small Frye Dance Academy. Since moving to LA at the age of 18, he's danced for Westbound Dance Company Academy of Swag and Theorists winner of several Championships.  His most prized title is the Lead Director of the studio's home team, The Origin  OC3 and OCUnlimited. Under his direction the teams have won the  Championships @ World of Dance, Urban Street Jam, Collaboration NorCal and most recently The Bronze medal at the 2018 Hip Hop International Dance Championship and representing the USA in the Hip Hop International World Championship Dario is an avid freestyler and specializes in Popping, Locking, Krump, House, New Jack, Waacking, Vogueing and anything he can get a chance to learn. 
 To add to this young mans bio He also holds a Bachelors degree in Film Production  and does the videography here at Origin along with several acclaimed feature films from Columbia College Hollywood and has worked for youth agencies such as YMCA, Youth Policy Institute, Parker Anderson Enrichment Program and is currently employed at his alma mater Columbia College Hollywood in the film equipment department and is an up and coming film maker and videographer

Miguel aka "Migz" Zepeda 18 is one of the newest members of The Origin Family. Migz is a member of our OrigNation team as well as a member of our 2018 Bronze Medal Hip Hop International team OCunlimited. He now teaches House Dance and Breaking at our studio is is one of our Junior Team Directors, Genesis

Owner, Cheryl Armour Frye's career in Visual and performing Arts span over 35 years. Born and raised in Chicago, Cheryl taught Dance, Childrens Theater, Basic Modeling and Finishing as a High School and College Student. She was accepted into DePaul University"s Goodman School of Drama at the age of 17 and also studied at Columbia University Chicago campus . She also developed cheer programs for Chicago's iconic Jackie Robinson West Baseball League at the age of 15. She then went on to develop programs for Calumet Park Illinois Recreation Department such as children's theater, dance, modeling, summer sports and arts camps all from there embryonic stages. She also formed The Destiny Teen Dancers of Chicago and were a yearly feature in Chicago's Bud Biliken Parade, the second largest parade in the country. Marrying and relocating to California Cheryl has developed Recreation Performing Arts and Youth Programs for The City of Oceanside Recreation Department, Social Advocates for Youth of SD, Chula Vista Elementary School District, Harmonium Children's Services, Neighborhood House Association and Chicano Federation of SD. She along with the help of her children Darius and Destiny Frye developed Small Frye as well as the Generation F Dancers and has been the proud owner of The Origin for 9 years arguably the first hip hop education school San Diego. Both teams have competed and performed for events such as Kuumba Fest, SAY DAY at the BAY and Hip Hop International. In addition Cheryl holds a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a Masters degree in Education and an additional Masters degree in Human Behavior. )

Lana has trained at The Origin since the age of 10. Now 17, She has been a part of the Origin Crew during various Championship wins and titles, She now is our Locking/Waacking Combo Instructor and one of the premier Waacking instructors in San Diego

BBoy "Nicky Q"Quangvan with almost 20 yars experience Nicky is arguably one of the best in the game A champion Battler his wins include: 
Winter Freeze 3 vs 3 Minneapolis, Minnesota (2015) CHAMPIONS Freestyle Session Midwest Qualifier 3 vs 3 Minneapolis, Minnesota (2015) CHAMPIONS Floorientation 1 vs 1 Battle San Diego, California (2015) 2nd Place Jason Chen "Smile" Music Video Beverly Hills, California (2015) Back Up Dancer Sopitas Con Huevos Anniversary 2 vs 2 Tijuana, Mexico (2015) Semi-Finalist King of the Gazebo 1 vs 1 San Diego, California (2016) 2nd Place Poptikz 2 vs 2 San Diego, California (2016) CHAMPIONS Underground Flow Anniversary Qualifier 5vs5 San Diego, California (2016) CHAMPIONS Squad Up 3 vs 3 Pamona, California (2016) CHAMPIONS Urban Street Jam 1 vs 1 San Diego, California (2016) CHAMPION Craving Breaks 3 vs 3 San Marcos, California (2016) CHAMPIONS Rock the Beach Crew vs Crew Long Beach, California (2016) CHAMPIONS Leaders of the New Schools 2 vs 2 El Cajon, California (2017) CHAMPIONS Paradise Hills Night Market 2 vs 2 Paradise Hills, California (2017) CHAMPIONS